Monday, 26 September 2011

Meet and Greet

On September 21 there was a potluck brunch in Oliver with parents and students from

YouLearn. For food there were muffins, cookies, fruit, croissants, and cinnamon sticks. Afterwards we played learning games on the grass. In one game we lined up from tallest to smallest without communicating. We also played rooster army tag. It is a game in which when the person who is “it” tags somebody, they chase others with their arm over their head like a rooster comb. We also played a game in which we all sat on benches and 3 people stood up at a time, then 5 then 7. Afterward, there was a Language Arts meeting with a slide show. The slide show outlined three areas in which all learners will be working to grow and improve: reading and viewing, writing and representing and speaking and listening. Approximately seven families attended. The food was tasty, and we enjoyed ourselves.

~ Kelan Harty


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