Monday, 31 October 2011

DL Website

A website can be any number of things. At Youlearn, however, we want our K-9 DL website to be one thing: a meaningful, learning portal to enhance our students’ learning. In order to do this, we need to keep it current, relevant and connected to our learners as well as the content and tools that will enrich their learning. In other words we need your help! Bookmark it, visit it, watch it grow and develop, send us your suggestions on how to improve it, write and submit a learning journal entry along with a picture to be published on it . . . whatever! 
~ Mr. Eaton

Monday, 24 October 2011

Community Art

This Saturday my brother Julian and I were invited to paint on the Field's store wall. Some local artists had painted a desert landscape and invited us to paint our favorite desert creatures. I chose a spider and a snake, and Julian chose geckos. At first we weren't happy with our paintings but once we had all the details included our pictures improved. We learned that painting is challenging and very different from drawing but once we got the hang of it, it was fun.

~ Tristan Duursma

Monday, 17 October 2011

Oral Language Skills

Last week YouLearn began offering its first face-to-face French and Language Arts workshops out of its Oliver classroom located in Oliver Elementary School. As an introduction to effective public speaking we examined a mystery liquid which Mr. Eaton had brought in to share with us. Unfortunately, no one was brave enough to taste the concoction. Instead, what we did was compare it to the skills we are hoping to develop. Instead of using cloudy language, we want to focus on using clear language. Likewise, instead of having our speech be “chunky”, we want it to flow. By the end of our classes, instead of lumpy gravy we are hoping more to speak like apple juice.
~ Will

Monday, 10 October 2011

Learners Teach...

While in Ottawa a group of teachers and I were asked to create a list of things we felt students teach us. Not surprisingly, we all agreed we had a lot to learn and felt that a significant part of teaching is listening to what students have to teach us. Here are the top ten things we felt learners teach us.
Students teach us . . .
  1. we are not always needed, that they too can teach and there are many ways to learn
  2. not to underestimate them, not to give up on them, and that they can rise to challenges
  3. about their worlds . . .
  4. to live in the moment and to stay young: to not take life too seriously, to have fun, to laugh, to be spontaneous . . .
  5. there are many experts, that we need not know everything (i.e. technology)
  6. to adapt, to be flexible, to change direction when necessary
  7. to re-evaluate ourselves, to be honest
  8. failure is a key part of learning
  9. choice and relevance leads to engagement
  10. we are a community, a team, a part of something larger than ourselves . . .

~ Mr. Eaton

Monday, 3 October 2011


For the past week I have been doing work experience at the YouLearn centre in Oliver. So far I am thoroughly enjoying myself. It is a very good learning experience. I am doing work on computers using Google documents and Microsoft Office. It is turning out to be very fun. I am learning a considerable amount of things. I have been making a spreadsheet of the learning outcomes for grades kindergarten to grade seven.  Mr. Eaton is a very good teacher; I look forward to continuing work with him.

~ Quintin