Monday, 10 October 2011

Learners Teach...

While in Ottawa a group of teachers and I were asked to create a list of things we felt students teach us. Not surprisingly, we all agreed we had a lot to learn and felt that a significant part of teaching is listening to what students have to teach us. Here are the top ten things we felt learners teach us.
Students teach us . . .
  1. we are not always needed, that they too can teach and there are many ways to learn
  2. not to underestimate them, not to give up on them, and that they can rise to challenges
  3. about their worlds . . .
  4. to live in the moment and to stay young: to not take life too seriously, to have fun, to laugh, to be spontaneous . . .
  5. there are many experts, that we need not know everything (i.e. technology)
  6. to adapt, to be flexible, to change direction when necessary
  7. to re-evaluate ourselves, to be honest
  8. failure is a key part of learning
  9. choice and relevance leads to engagement
  10. we are a community, a team, a part of something larger than ourselves . . .

~ Mr. Eaton


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