Monday, 21 May 2012

Project Based Research

Today we researched super soldier ants. The grades 4 and 5 explored the anatomy of these large ants while grades 6 and 7 studied growth and development of the ants. We all had to work on our research skills while becoming super ant experts. I learned that with lots of heat, the right amount of hormones, and lots of food and nutrition as a baby, regular ants become super soldier ants! I thought that today was a lot of fun. We learned something and practiced are research skills, all in one.

~ Madison (grade 7)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Training and Learning

After venturing down the Google Apps for Education road a number of months ago, four new apps were made available to our students and school this week! After checking them out, each offers something impressive. Thanks for adding these to our account, Miles. However, you’ve put me in a challenging situation, which is a good thing. Now that I can see the potential these applications have to enhance my students’ learning, I need to either train or learn how to use them myself. Or do I?

~ Will

Monday, 7 May 2012

Improving Learning

I have been attending work experience at Youlearn. I have been helping build a website that is changing the way Youlearn operates and its K-9 students learn. It will help immensely by letting students always contact their teacher even when they can't make it into the classroom. I am incredibly excited to roll out the website and have students try it out. Training will begin in June.

~ Quintin (work experience student)