Monday, 15 October 2012

Personalize Learning and the Value of Friends

At the end of every week, I try to reflect upon the activities of the week. This past week, I was reminded of an important lesson as I had the pleasure of my brother visiting from Toronto. While he was here, my tablet computer electrical plug-in fell out of the side of the computer. It was broken --- out of battery and unable to receive a charge. I was in full panic mode. My first impulse was to take it apart, but not without my brother whose suggestion to diagram all of the pieces and screws on a separate paper was invaluable. Usually, I just arrange the pieces on the workbench. With so many delicate pieces being dismantled, I felt much anxiety. I was looking to solder it back together. Without the advice and encouragement of my brother, my anxiety would have ruined my Sunday and most of my work week. The lesson to accept other's opinions and to value and discuss options spurred me to write this post. As you are on your learning journey, your family is your biggest support structure. Use this as a resource. You will feel supported and encouraged. Keep an open mind and you will learn much. Personal learning cannot happen without others supporting it.
~ Ernie Millward


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