Monday, 26 November 2012

Victory Equals Team

I've played with the Mission Lions for three years. I practice two nights a week for 1.5 hrs each, sometimes in the rain. Sometimes I like this, sometimes not so much. In three years I've learnt a great deal about the game and being part of a team. Even when I broke my arm I showed up to practices and games. (Doc said it was OK.) For the first practice, I just watched and helped the coach, but when I could, I started practicing and playing again in a cast. That's what you do when you are part of team! Playing football is not just a game it's about team, about memorizing plays and learning strategy, overcoming challenges and being a good sport at all times. Young football players have a strict code for the field and will be removed from the game after one warning. They are not allowed to gloat over touch downs for example, to swear on the field or be offensive to other players in any way. I really like football. I play tackle in the summer and flag in the winter and spring. When I am not playing football I like to watch it with my dad.
~ Xander, gr. 4/5


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