Monday, 28 January 2013

Bronze Medal Win

I am going to tell you about this past weekend’s ski competition. I received a bronze medal in the mogul event on Friday. The first run I did a 360 off the medium kicker, and the second jump I performed the same trick. I got sixth place out of twenty-one competitors. In the moguls competition on Saturday, I did a twister spread for my first jump, then a 360 for my second jump. The medal I won was in the mogul event out of 26 people. In the park event on Sunday, I did a switch 180, (a backwards 180 rotation) and then did a 360 off the second jump. I came into the third jump, and did another 360 rotation, and 90 degree rotation onto a rail, and 90 off. I then landed switch, and came into the last jump and then did a switch 360 and landed backwards and finished the course. I also got sixth place in the park event out of 29. I did well in my ski competition, and tried really hard to put spins and tricks into my runs to get a good score.

~ Liam, Gr. 6


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