Monday, 14 January 2013

On the Farm

This year we visited my Grandpa's farm in Ontario. It is very quiet and peaceful there because it is far out in the country. In one of the barns is where a group of barn cats hangout. When we went to feed the cats we found four new kittens lying at the back of the barn. We picked them up and cradled them in our arms. In the picture here is the calico (the orange one) and the black/gray one. There were two grey ones, one calico and one kitten with orange patches AND black and grey. I think the calico was my favourite. Her eyes were the deepest ocean blue and had the most adorable little face, so curious and playful. (Reader, I am sorry that the picture does not show the kittens faces -they are so cute!) We wanted to bring our little Cally home with us, in fact, we wanted to bring all of them home. We had even gotten permission from Grandpa and Grandma. The only thing that stopped us was that our wonderful Granny at home has an allergy. I really feel sorry for Granny, she loves cats. When I grow up, I have already decided that I will have at least one cat. They are so magnificently wonderful.

~ Isabella, Gr. 4


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