Monday, 25 February 2013

Do you Miss Hearing the Birds Sing?

On Friday 22nd February it struck me that this was the day I was going to speak to the first Canadian Commander of the International Space station. I felt wonderful and a little bit nervous all at one time.

As I entered the gymnasium at Uplands school in Penticton, I felt nervous. My question for Mr Hadfield was written on a card. It said "Do you miss hearing the birds sing?".

After quite a while we got to ask our questions. Claudio in Italy helped connect us to the ISS with Ham radio signals. I was so relieved to hear Mr. Hadfield's first words, because after waiting so long I was thinking I would not be able to speak to him after all. I asked my question and his reply was that his friend had made MP3s of the birds singing and when he felt homesick he could just turn on one of the recordings.

This was a once in a life time opportunity to talk to someone in Space and I will never forget it.

~ Charlotte, G.2


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