Monday, 29 April 2013


Some of my fondest memories of elementary school were playing chess with my friends during lunch and recess in a conspired effort to improve and beat my grade 6 teacher, Mr. Talbot. Days outside in the hot sun practicing various openings remain as clear in my mind as does the feeling of the cold linoleum hallway floor I sat on rehearsing castling defense moves. In total there was about seven of us. Continually, from September to June we strategized and egged Mr. Talbot into games every chance we could. And we laughed, Mr. Talbot at us and we at him, and at ourselves, as good natured rivals so often do . . .
Reflecting on memories that are dear to us is so very important; inside of them there are lessons to be learned. Students: please take some time this week to click on and answer the question above.


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