Monday, 3 June 2013

Lessons from Our Primary Program

As the Primary Division teacher with Youlearn I have the delightful opportunity to work with younger students where there is so much excitement even with the simplest achievements.
This week was not special in any particular way, but rather amazing and rewarding in its usual way. Every week I try to read with each student and plant a few seeds in their learning journey. Together with the student’s huge effort, great parental support and my small bit of encouragement, each student continues on their personal path to success. What I have learned throughout my years of teaching is that in the garden of education one never knows if the planted seed will germinate quickly or percolate over time. Some of the most innocent actions can blossom and produce terrific fruits of labour yet the best laid plans can be destroyed by unpredictable forces of nature called life. That in itself is a wonderful component of teaching and within the DL model of learning there is both opportunity and flexibility built in at every corner or hill. One need not be a master gardener to succeed but rather to recognize that teaching at Youlearn is a partnership; together we sow, nourish and cultivate our students. So let’s remember to stand back and celebrate the uniqueness, growth and successes of our students in the garden of education.

Happy Gardening! Ms. Marianne


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