Monday, 14 October 2013

A Place Called Horsefly

Horsefly is a very, very small town that used to be called 'Harper's Camp'. You might be interested to know that Horsefly (Harper's Camp) is one of the first places that gold was found in BC! I used to live there for seven years. During that time, we met many close friends.

You won't believe it, but last summer we lived in a tent at a friend's house, in their backyard. Yards aren't like in Keremeos or Penticton; yards are GIGANTIC! Some people have twenty acres of yard!

When we first got there, there were lots of bugs. Were you expecting lots of Horsefies? Well, there weren't that many actually! Instead of horseflies there were blackflies, and mosquitoes. They were annoying for a few days, but we later got used to them. Those pesky bugs weren't the only annoying thing! The nights were annoying, because they were so cold!!! The nights were so cold that I would hug the heater and have three blankets in my bed at night. There were also quite a few strange things happening. Like the cute and innocent cat, Sid, hunting in the middle of the night and bringing dead rabbits into our tent! Sid would sleep with one of us every night. He gave us two gifts during that time, and when we took the first one away, Sid decided to do some investigating and scratch the spot where his bunny had last been, and later stop and go back to sleep.

According to the person we were staying with, they had a fat cat named Oscar, and they said he was such a little scaredy cat. Boy, were they right!! You can only find him rarely, and petting him is even rarer! Thankfully I got to pet the cautious kitty without him running or jumping away. Only about three times in an entire month though! Think you can do better? Try it! It's tough but rewarding because he's so SOFT and FLUFFY!!!

When we still lived in Horsefly, my friends and I would go tubing and play at the school park. Instead of staying inside all day, like some of my friends now do, we would be outside all day except for suppertime. My friends were my best friends in the whole world when we still lived there, and we all had lots of fun...a lot!!! Yes, Horsefly may be a small town and may be far away, but really, it is one of my most favourite places in the world. You would know if you were me, because I love Horsefly a lot. We still visit there once or twice a year,so I can say, "hi" to my friends and to Oscar, Sid, and the rest of the cats. And Horsefly itself, of course.

Thank you for reading!

Gabriel Sipponen


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