Monday, 4 November 2013

Needles and Gnomes

Every Thursday my mom brother and I go to the Waldorf School for art class. The first class we made gnomes. Gnomes are magical little people shaped like carrots. I made a blue on which was not going so well, my mom was making an orange one which was going well, so we traded. We use wool to make gnomes. We use a special needle with barbs to poke it with. What you do with the wool is simple. You role it up tight as you can, then you poke it really fast. The reason we poke it is because we have to make it firm or it will fall apart. To put the eyes on you take very little wool and make two balls then you needle them on. You do the same thing for the mouth except you make a noodle shape. This whole process is called needle felting.

~ Blanci, Gr. 4


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