Monday, 28 April 2014

Performance-Based Learning

On Saturday, my family and I attended The Book of Ruth put on by Bumpershoot Theatre in Kelowna. It was a small play about hope and survival. The student actors were amazing. Bumpershoot is in its 6th season, and throughout the years we have had a number of our Kelowna students involved with the production company. If you haven’t yet performed any of your learning year, it is a curricular requirement at allgrade levels. You still have time! If you find it challenging, scary, or simply need an idea, let us help! There’s so much to learn and you have so much to gain by working on sharpening your presenting/performing skills.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Boom Whacker

Last week, students, parents and staff were introduced to Boom Whackers, or tube-shaped, plastic percussion instruments, as part of Bobby’s residency kick-off workshop. For April 24th’s upcoming performance, you can expect to see more of these instruments and how they can be played in unison by a number of people. Surprisingly, Boom Whacker music sounds more intricate and powerful than one would expect. There’s also fun to play!