Monday, 5 May 2014

A Night of Talent

When I walked into my classroom I found myself in a room filled with warm, open people and a stage with sound equipment and drums of most sort. From stop motion mini-movies, singing bells, original musical collaborations, photography and learning the audience’s rhythm by percussion instruments on ones own beat, YouLearn's art was clearly marked on how talented our unity really is. I was a little bit nervous to perform as this was a new crowd and setting for me but I was rejoiced to end with positive results.
Whether your art medium is paper airplanes, dancing, rapping or acrylic paints I learned that there is always someone who will love your work and will applaud you through everything, as we are all sharing constantly in life from the carbon dioxide we exhale to the vegetation, to an oil painting in an art gallery. There are no failures there are only more opportunities to get better.

                                    ~ Sasha (Gr. 7)


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