Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Connect and Share Your Learning

This past summer I took sailing lessons again and was lucky to spend a fair bit of time on the lake. One day in July while struggling to read the wind and maneuver my boat, my thoughts turned to learning, specifically the difference between theory and practice, or knowing and doing. Each week for the past three years I have asked my students to make connections between their learning and living. FYI- this year will be no different, but there I was, in the middle of my summer no less, doing the very homework I had reserved for my students!

To get to the point, students, regardless your grade level or age, habituate yourself this year to connect your learning. Don't allow your studies to be isolated from the larger world around you. Be curious, inquire, seek why's and patterns, and don't be afraid to try and uncover the deep wonder and meaning of the things you will be learning this year.

. . . as the wind died down and I glided my boat back to shore, I returned to land with a heightened awareness: what I know is so very different from what I can do! Although I'm able to name every point of sail that exists, I unfortunately can't yet always find them, or ride their winds appropriately.

Students: be sure as you increase your knowledge this year to also increase your skills! The two are not one in the same! Apply your learning as much as you can. Practice. Make learning a do!

~ Will Eaton


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