Monday, 22 September 2014

Know Thyself


During the Teachers’ strike I have had some extra time to reflect on my chosen profession, but even more so on my role at DL.  I embraced house projects to keep myself occupied and tried to view this time as a gift.  As the days turned into September weeks, I felt a total restlessness. Why is that I asked and I knew that my rhythm of work had been disrupted. My need to help and serve others is vital to who I am.  But more than that, teaching enables others to be productive members of society and discover who they are.  What nobler cause can there be?  And I truly was missing it; an unfulfilled void existed!

The partnership that is co-created between students, parents and teachers is a wonderful thing. DL magnifies this! Just as goal setting helps me stretch and grow, to become a better teacher, citizen and person, I get to closely work with families toward their child’s learning goals!  DL takes me to a higher level in my teaching as I am challenged to think outside the box.  Knowing ‘the sky is the limit’, how can I best help you achieve your potential?

The endless possibilities of DL, where students, parents and teachers have the creative window of opportunities to enhance learning and help their child soar above the crowd, has me writing my growth plans and professional goals for the year. I cannot wait to hear and assist in your learning goals for the term and year.  I am so very thankful knowing who I am, that I value my work and noble profession and that I, with my team, will make a positive difference in some small way, to the greater nature of education. 

~ Marianne Minken, YouLearn teacher


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