Monday, 29 September 2014

Our Nation's Capital

Hi my name is Hunter and I went to Ottawa and I got to learn about the Parliament Buildings. When I walked into the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings I saw a lot of security. Once I was inside the Parliament Building I noticed it has a nice wood and tile flooring. When you look up you see a bunch of pictures and slates of people in Parliament. In the Parliament Buildings there are 2 main rooms, they are the Senate and the House of Commons.  The Parliament Buildings were one of my favourite things to see in Ottawa.

~ Hunter, grade 6


  1. Hi Hunter, Yes the Parliament Buildings are an amazing and stately piece of architecture that we, as Canadians, should be very proud of. I am really looking forward to visiting Ottawa and learning more about the Federal government this Nov. I am wondering how the Ottawa Parliamentary buildings compare to the Yukon Territory government buildings. Unfortunately, I know very little about them:( Thanks so much for sharing about your learning! Ms. Marianne

  2. Ottawa is a pretty special city, Hunter, as I'm sure you know. Being able to travel is one of the benefits of home schooling!