Monday, 27 October 2014

Fire Station Visit

We woke up at morning and got into the car and drove to Whitehorse to the fire Station number 2. I was excited. And we walk all the way around the station to the second doors. We when inside and upstairs, we saw the kitchen and the dispatcher up stairs. The dispatcher let us hear the sound that goes on for the firefighter to get there uniform on and go to the truck and put on the sirens.

Then we when to see the fire trucks in the bay. The bay is a garage. I got to get into the pumper fire truck. I was a little dark and light front the truck and the windows make it enough to see. There were radios and buttons and separate seats. In the bay there was an ambulance and I wonder why they had an ambulance at the fire station.

We were just about to see the hoses when the alarm when off and the firefighter had to go. We had to go back to the kitchen and the other way around to the car. I was sad because I hadn’t seen the hoses and saw. On the way we saw an old fire truck and mom took a picture of me near it.

We when home, on our way home we saw the Carcross fire truck they were testing the hoses; we went to look at them. And when they were done testing they let us come closer. The man is charge open the doors of the truck so I can see the equipment. I got in the truck too, it wasn’t as dark as the other one. There was handles to control the hoses and turn on and off the water. I also got into the very front and he let me put on the light and he put on the sirens.

And then he showed me a picture of the truck in Whitehorse.

Laurick Gr-1

Monday, 20 October 2014

San Juan Is

At the end of the summer we drove to a port in Bellingham, Washington. It was a five-hour drive. On the way we stopped at Hope to get something to eat. After about another hour and a half we were in Bellingham. When we got there it was almost dark so we unloaded all our things onto the catamaran we were renting. A catamaran is a boat that looks like two sailboats side by side. After we unloaded all our things we went to bed. The next day we ate breakfast at the Bellingham Yacht Club. About an hour later we set sail. We went to lots of different islands such as Orcas Island, Sucia Island and San Juan Island. My favourite place was Friday Harbour. One thing I liked about Friday Harbour was the huge blackberry bush we found. I learned a lot about the San Juan Islands. It was the longest boat trip I had ever been on.

 ~ Enzo Gr. 5

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Baby Rabbits

Last year I got a rabbit from my friend. This year I bred my rabbit, Roxy, with my friend’s Siamese rabbit I was so eager. Finally on September 27th my Black Otter Rex rabbit gave birth to seven little kits. They were born with their eyes closed and without any fur. Just a couple days ago they open their eyes. The broken black kit is so jumpy he keeps trying to jump out of the nest. We have four Black Otters, one broken black, and one really cute one that has a white stripe down its face and lots of tiny black spots on its neck and chest. It’s my favourite one of all the kits. I haven’t named them yet but I really think I should name the white one Jumpster if it’s a boy. Today when we put them out on the grass to take pictures they started nibbling the grass, and hopping around! It was their first time out on in the open. Some tried to get up onto my lap, it was so cute! I can’t wait until they’re big enough to run around on their own. I’m planning to breed my rabbit again after I give these away.

~ Julia, Gr. 7

Monday, 6 October 2014

My Hike Back in Time

I went on this trail, called the SamMcGee Trail. At the beginning it was a bit boring. But when we got higher it started getting exciting because we found tramway posts and artifacts. They belonged to the once longest aerial tramway in the world. Now that was over one hundred years ago. Sometimes beside the trail were tramway buckets. They were quite big, I was surprised that the tramway carried such big buckets. The tramway was put in because there used to be a silver mine at the top of the mountain and the miners had to get the silver down to the lake, where boats would pick it up. When we returned home I thought of building my own model of a tramline. I found out that building a model tramline is not very easy, because you have to drill holes for the posts and we didn't have the right materials. I would do it again, because it was fun and I got it to work. My sister loves to send down buckets too. I hope I can hike the trail again. Then I will have another close look at the posts.

Jack, Grade 4