Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Baby Rabbits

Last year I got a rabbit from my friend. This year I bred my rabbit, Roxy, with my friend’s Siamese rabbit I was so eager. Finally on September 27th my Black Otter Rex rabbit gave birth to seven little kits. They were born with their eyes closed and without any fur. Just a couple days ago they open their eyes. The broken black kit is so jumpy he keeps trying to jump out of the nest. We have four Black Otters, one broken black, and one really cute one that has a white stripe down its face and lots of tiny black spots on its neck and chest. It’s my favourite one of all the kits. I haven’t named them yet but I really think I should name the white one Jumpster if it’s a boy. Today when we put them out on the grass to take pictures they started nibbling the grass, and hopping around! It was their first time out on in the open. Some tried to get up onto my lap, it was so cute! I can’t wait until they’re big enough to run around on their own. I’m planning to breed my rabbit again after I give these away.

~ Julia, Gr. 7


  1. Hi Julia, The kits look so cute and tiny. I was wondering what the difference is between a Siamese rabbit and a Black Otter Rex rabbit? Have you ever visited the Armstrong Fair animal showcase as they always have lots of different rabbits to view? Thanks for your post! Ms. Marianne

  2. I sense with all of the bunnies you are going to be pretty busy! Good luck!