Monday, 6 October 2014

My Hike Back in Time

I went on this trail, called the SamMcGee Trail. At the beginning it was a bit boring. But when we got higher it started getting exciting because we found tramway posts and artifacts. They belonged to the once longest aerial tramway in the world. Now that was over one hundred years ago. Sometimes beside the trail were tramway buckets. They were quite big, I was surprised that the tramway carried such big buckets. The tramway was put in because there used to be a silver mine at the top of the mountain and the miners had to get the silver down to the lake, where boats would pick it up. When we returned home I thought of building my own model of a tramline. I found out that building a model tramline is not very easy, because you have to drill holes for the posts and we didn't have the right materials. I would do it again, because it was fun and I got it to work. My sister loves to send down buckets too. I hope I can hike the trail again. Then I will have another close look at the posts.

Jack, Grade 4

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  1. Hi Jack, The Sam McGee Trail sounds so fascinating but where is it located? Also, I wonder if there is any connection to the poem 'The Cremation of Sam McGee' and this trail? Thanks for your interesting post!
    Ms. Marianne