Monday, 24 November 2014

Even Principals Learn

Friday marked the end of Term One!  I hope all of you have found your studies interesting and rewarding so far.  Congratulations for making it this far; but don't stop now - there is so much more to learn.  Speaking of having lots to learn . . .  This is my first year as principal of YouLearn.  I'm fortunate to have a very patient staff who allows me space to ask questions and explore ideas.  There is so much to learn and so many paths of exploration.  I am trying to connect with all registrants in our grade 10 - 12 courses shortly after they register.  (Hence all the files on my messy desk!)  My goal is to discover their educational goals and help them discover how they can best reach them.  I have found it fascinating to discover the many reasons students come to YouLearn.  High school students who cannot fit the course they want into their timetable, adult graduates who need to upgrade a course, and non-graduated adults who want to graduate and serve as an example to their children.  The list is endless.  I'm learning that connection is highly important and that many students who register with us need some help getting pointed in the right direction.  Even though we are a distributed learning school, I am learning the importance of community and connectedness.  Thanks to all of you for being part of the YouLearn community. Keep your learning connected and the people helping you close!

Glen Heinrichs

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  1. Hi Glen, It's that human element... the kind words, the follow-up phone call, the smiling face, etc that people remember and not that pile of papers! Or maybe it is that pile of papers that makes us human, too??