Monday, 3 November 2014

Spawning Salmon

Lee McFadyen, one of Oliver's Okanagan River Restoration Coordinators, took time last week to speak to a small group of local YouLearn students and parents and share with us what she knows about the Sockeye returning to the Okanagan. For the first time in 50 years, because of the hard work of a number of Okanagan conservation initiatives the Sockeye have migrated back up through the Columbia River basin and have reached Lake Okanagan! To see the return of the salmon and the mystery of their life cycle first hand is truly spectacular. To see a salmon take its last breath of air, air that is ripe with the stench of dead fish, as other starved salmon around it struggle to keep swimming upstream on a glorious, crisp October morning is quite a powerful experience. Something never to be gained from a video or book. Last week I was reminded we need to remain committed to giving our students experiences, not just information or lessons. Thanks Lee!


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  1. For those students in and around Kelowna, the Ecco Centre, at Mission Creek offers a wonderful display and a annual interpretative program during the salmon spawning season.