Monday, 10 November 2014

Work Experience at YouLearn

My name is Dryden Lee Hofley and I am a YouLearn work experience student. I started at the beginning of the school year and I go to SOSS. I get to come to Youlearn at the end of my school day to help out around the office. Since I have been here I learned a little bit about programming on Khan Academy, a free online website where you have many courses to choose from one of which is programming. I also help photocopy newsletters and help with the Youlearn website making sure everything works how it is supposed to work. It is a great opportunity to gain work experience and learn a couple things along the way.

Dryden, Work Experience 12 student

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  1. Hi Dryden,

    I missed you on the Thursday and Friday before the holidays. I think Santa left you something in the office. Merry Christmas.