Monday, 15 December 2014

China: Learning through Discovery

For one of my projects this term, I had to organize myself and put a plan into action; I had chosen China as my Social’s 9 project and now it was time to deliver. I had to put my critical thinking skills to use.

I went on the computer and right away started taking notes of what I liked, pictures, and such. I went to multiple sites, read information, and then went to other sites to see what they have to say. Many sites had the same information, just formatted differently, while other sites said totally the opposite. The second thing I did was go to the library, and research there. I got a few books, brought them home, and spent time reading them. I also took notes from these books, they were the ones that gave me some of my ideas, like the layouts.

I actually didn't know much about China, and the reason that I picked China as my country was that I loved their traditional clothes, hairstyles, makeup, language, calligraphy, arts, and Chow Mien (noodles!) But I could not believe all of the neat stuff I was learning, like about the whole luck and scare the evil spirits away concept...which is pretty intense, since they believe in everything being a sign of luck, both bad and good. I learned about the country itself: exports, time zones, and PlayStation and Facebook being banned.

While I made my 20 minute presentation, I was thinking and feeling a whole lot of things. What if I fail? Why am I so nervous? I felt happy, and scared all at the same time. I tried to think calming thoughts, although it only helped a little. So I decided to think of clothes, hairstyles, shoes, headbands, colours, and I was less nervous. When I was presenting, I concentrated on the information I wanted to share, otherwise I would go off in my dreamland and never come down.

After I was done, I was definitely ready to help eat the food that I prepared. Most importantly, I was proud of my project, happy with my presentation and thankful the research had come to an end.

Here is a link to my project: 

~ Esther, Gr. 9


  1. Hi Ester, thanks for taking the time to share your learning about China! What also jumped out at me was the way you devised a helpful, relaxing strategy before your presentation by thinking about clothes, hairstyles, etc, a fun, safe place in your mind. Your insight into what worked and didn't work will certainly benefit you for future presentations!

  2. Excellent work, Esther! You obviously learned a great deal. Presenting in a kimono was a nice touch.

  3. Great work Esther! Thanks for sharing all you learned about China. I never knew that yellow was their "other" lucky colour. Keep up the good work!

  4. Esther, thanks for sharing your knowledge of China with everyone; it was a great presentation!

  5. You obviously love to learn, Esther. Thanks for sharing.