Monday, 1 December 2014

More than a Poem

On the 11th November each year we remember the soldiers and all who have served in the wars. I went to a Remembrance Service which prompted me to enter the Oliver Legion Remembrance Day contest. I wrote a poem in honor of my Great Great Uncle George who fought in World War 1. He lied about his age and was accepted to fight for his country. He was stationed in France and he was just 17 when he was killed. He was one year older than my brother is now when he died. As I wrote the poem I thought of Uncle George and others like him, and the suffering and sorrow they had to endure. I am very thankful I do not have to fight and that my country is not at war.

Last year I won 1st place twice in this competition! Once at regional level, and then at zone level. And guess what? I won again this year! When Mr. Blaine came to Youlearn to present me with my prize, I felt very honoured.

Charlotte Foster
Grade 4

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  1. Hi Charlotte, Your Uncle would be very proud of you for remembering him and other soldiers and how they fought for our freedom. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your poetry contest!