Monday, 26 January 2015

The Pool

We went to the pool and they have diving boards. I go on them but I don't dive off yet. I just dive in beside them. Before I knew how to dive, my Dad tried to teach me and my sisters. The lifeguard saw and he wanted to help. He said to pretend that you are doing a hand stand in to the water.  I tried it and it worked. That is how I learned to dive. The pool is called Johnson Bentley.

~ Natalie, gr. 4

Monday, 19 January 2015

One to One Reading

Last week I had a bit of a role reversal; I had the opportunity to be a student and sit in on a classroom session for our One to One Reading Program.  This program trains volunteer tutors to read with students who may be struggling with their reading.  It was exciting to see people of all ages come together to learn how to make a difference in a child's life.  Even more exciting is that we get to implement this program right here at Youlearn!  You're never too old to learn something new, and sharing what you learn with someone else is a true gift.  Keep learning and sharing!

Sonia, Educational Assistant

Monday, 12 January 2015

Big White

Before winter break my dad had plans to go to Big White. On December 20, my family and I finally went to Big White for three days. Before the drive I was very excited to get going, but it was quite stressful packing. Once we were in the car it seemed like it was going to take forever to get there; the 40 minutes seemed like 2 hours! Finally we got there. We had booked a suite at one of the hotels, so before going snowboarding we had to check-in. At last we got all our stuff in the suite and got our boards. I felt like I was about to faint from the heat inside my snow gear. During the first couple rounds of snowboarding we fell a lot, but then we got the hang of it. By the time we got to our “temporary home” it was seven O’clock, then after dinner we stayed up till midnight watching TV and swam in the hot tub. The second day it was so hot that we were snowboarding without jackets, some people even snowboarded without snow pants! Also, today my two brothers came to board with us. My brother’s wife ski’s, but she was too tired from work to ski, so we went tubing instead. It was fun. Once they left at six we went to the sauna and then to bed. The last and third day was freezing cold compared to the other days, especially at the summit. As me and my dad were going up the lift we saw that one run goes straight down from the lift and another run goes down to the left of the lift. When we arrived there, it turned out that the run that goes straight down from the lift was closed. At that point I started panicking like crazy because I thought that we would have to go down a more advanced run, but my dad only started to laugh and said that we will take the easier run down. After we got to the bottom of the hill I found it really funny that I panicked for no reason at all. At that point I was relieved and enjoyed the rest of the day. At four thirty we left to go back home. I was not tired at all somehow. When we got home we ate dinner and fed the animals. The next day my muscles were really sore. I wonder when we will go up to Big White again. It was very fun!

Julia, gr.7 

Monday, 5 January 2015


Home for the holidays, I halfheartedly tried to keep fit admits all the food and loafing. While swimming one afternoon, I found myself and the pool being overtaken by roughly 100 young swimmers, the local swim club. Instantly, the pool came alive. Nothing was halfhearted about who had joined me in the water!

Ending my workout, I talked with one of the coaches on the pool deck as we watched three twelve year old girls rip through the water, gliding with an effortless power I've never been able to achieve as a swimmer. The coach said it was simple. Paraphrasing here is what he said:
We have our swimmers focus. They don't just swim. Their efforts are more controlled, precise and measured. We count their strokes and we time them. Each day, part of their training is focused on one of two things: either reducing their stroke count or time.
Challenging the club's coach I had just met, he acknowledged that swimming is more than what he had reduced it to but was unwilling to concede that it was much more.
Too many people try to "rip" through the water. Improving efficiency is really what swimming is all about.
Reevaluating my workouts of the last few months, I must admit I've become a bit complacent. I've been maintaining rather than growing as a swimmer. As a result, I will be mixing my swim program up this winter. Also, I intend to use January to do the same for other areas of my learning: to focus my energy, to "count my strokes and clock my efforts" and to avoid "ripping" through the water!