Monday, 26 January 2015

The Pool

We went to the pool and they have diving boards. I go on them but I don't dive off yet. I just dive in beside them. Before I knew how to dive, my Dad tried to teach me and my sisters. The lifeguard saw and he wanted to help. He said to pretend that you are doing a hand stand in to the water.  I tried it and it worked. That is how I learned to dive. The pool is called Johnson Bentley.

~ Natalie, gr. 4


  1. Hi Natalie, Thanks for sharing your tip about diving! Do you and your sisters have any diving games that you play? Have fun swimming!

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    2. Some time's we like to play scuba divers it's really fun!

  2. It takes courage to have your head enter the water before your feet. Good for you! I look forward to hearing about the day when you dive off of the diving board. Thanks for sharing your story.