Monday, 2 February 2015


This weekend I had a slalom race. (Slalom and Gs are two types of skiing. Gs is like big turns around the gate and are set far apart from each other. Slalom on the other hand is quick turns and are set a lot closer together than Gs gates.) There were four races this weekend two were separate the other two were combined.

I met a girl named Zoe (she is so crazy she made me look normal) and Noa (Zoe makes her look normal to). My time for the first race was 36.60 the second race time was 37.00 the first of the combined race was 34.36 the second of the combined race was 35.60.

I had alot of fun in the start area before every race for two hours, sometimes it was just me for about ten minuets then someone would come. I came in 8th the first run  second run I came 9th then for combined I came 7th.

I had tuns of fun this weekend and can't wait til the next race.


  1. Thanks for sharing your ski racing story with us. It looks, and sounds, like a lot of fun. Do you ever get scared racing down the slopes? I know I would! Your new friend Zoe may be crazy but did you know that when I was growing up the Canadian ski racers were called "Crazy Canucks"? Maybe Zoe is one of them! I am glad you had fun.

  2. Hi Blanci, It sounds like your hard work and discipline from dry-land training, ski training with the Apex Racers and entire weekends at the hill are paying off for you! Most importantly you are having fun following one of your several passions! Thanks for sharing your exciting ski race!