Monday, 30 March 2015

First Place - Future Engineer?

Just before March Break, I built a 3 foot long spagetti bridge made out of only spagetti and glue that held 605 pounds. During the building part of my project I learned a little bit of engineering and a lot about some of the best bridge designs in history. Presenting my bridge as part of Okanagan College's annual bridge building competition, I felt very nervous that it wouldn't hold the 100 kilograms for 3rd place. When it did I relaxed and watched with amazement as it past second place then first and kept on climbing to almost 190 pounds above the current 1st place bridge. This was my first year participating in the competition. It was pretty exciting.

~ Adrian, gr. 7

You can read more about the competition and Adrian's success inside Castanet's news article, "Bridge Kids Use their Noodles".

Monday, 9 March 2015

Video Games for the Brain?

On Saturday, Glen and I and two other teachers were up in Vernon. As part of an all day workshop, we explored the application of bio and neurofeedback to learning, specifically for helping students with conditions such as anxiety, stress and ADHD. First hand, we tried out a number of devices; no, we were not playing video games! Instead, we connected to instruments which monitored body functions such as heat, breathing, heart rate and EEG (brain waves) then connected ourselves to hardware and software which allowed us to visualize, and thus, manipulate these functions. The goal of bio or neurofeedback over time is to empower people to recognize their body's functions and train themselves to return to a calm, steady state when their bodies become excited or depressed. Intrigued by the possibilities, we all left excited and wanting to learn more.

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Dynamic (Kelowna Curling) Duo

Curling was awesome. We got to know how too play it. Learning how to play it was the fun part. A slider makes you slide better, it goes on your foot. A rock is what you try to get a point with. The home is a target. You try to be the closest to the button which is the middle. 

Curling - By Logan D,. Gr.2

Curling is fun. I will tell you all about it. A hack is something you put a foot in. A slider goes on the other foot. A rock can be big, medium or small. A hog line is a line you need to get your rock over. A home is a target. A button is a dot in the middle of the house. That's everything in curling.

Curling - By Henry D., Gr.3