Monday, 30 March 2015

First Place - Future Engineer?

Just before March Break, I built a 3 foot long spagetti bridge made out of only spagetti and glue that held 605 pounds. During the building part of my project I learned a little bit of engineering and a lot about some of the best bridge designs in history. Presenting my bridge as part of Okanagan College's annual bridge building competition, I felt very nervous that it wouldn't hold the 100 kilograms for 3rd place. When it did I relaxed and watched with amazement as it past second place then first and kept on climbing to almost 190 pounds above the current 1st place bridge. This was my first year participating in the competition. It was pretty exciting.

~ Adrian, gr. 7

You can read more about the competition and Adrian's success inside Castanet's news article, "Bridge Kids Use their Noodles".

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  1. Hi Adrian, Congratulations on your accomplishment! This competition is known far and wide often with International attendees, so well done! Was there a lot of trial and error involved or did you have some kind of system set up for each design? How did you select the type of pasta used? On the day of the competition did you create the replica of your practised prototype bridge or were you making modifications along the way? Thanks for sharing your learning!