Monday, 2 March 2015

The Dynamic (Kelowna Curling) Duo

Curling was awesome. We got to know how too play it. Learning how to play it was the fun part. A slider makes you slide better, it goes on your foot. A rock is what you try to get a point with. The home is a target. You try to be the closest to the button which is the middle. 

Curling - By Logan D,. Gr.2

Curling is fun. I will tell you all about it. A hack is something you put a foot in. A slider goes on the other foot. A rock can be big, medium or small. A hog line is a line you need to get your rock over. A home is a target. A button is a dot in the middle of the house. That's everything in curling.

Curling - By Henry D., Gr.3 


  1. Hi Henry and Logan, thanks for sharing some information about curling! I wonder how many people play on each team? What do your teammates do when you throw your rock? Wow, who would think you could have so much fun with rocks and brooms!! Good game!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience about learning how to curl. It was fun for me to join you on the first day of curling. Maybe you want to take it up as a sport.