Monday, 20 April 2015

It's All about that Bass

On April 14, YouLearn and I went to The Okanogan Symphony. It was called " Strings The Thing." It was all about the different kinds of stringed instruments. It was not the whole orchestra, just all of the instruments with strings.

My favorite instrument was the Cello. It's low notes make it sound really . . . Dancy . . .. The cello is not much smaller than the Bass, but it's kind of hard to see from offstage. The Cello's notes are not much higher than the Bass'. Although I don't know why it is my favorite . . . it just is.

I liked all of the pieces, although one in particular stood out. Just seeing my little sister's face glow when she was listening and clapping along, it instantly made it my favorite too. "Plink! Plank! Plunk!" is my favorite piece. I also just love the melody to that song. Also, many more reasons. One of those reasons is that the song is good for kids and adults of all ages. The sound of the song makes it seem as if you were really in a tin can going plink, plank, plunk, down an edgy cliff. "Plink Plank Plunk! La la la!"

Actually, the first song was also one of my favorites, too. I forget what it is called,  but it was very beautiful. It flowed sort of like a river, where it's coming closer and closer to a waterfall. Fast! . . . Sloooooowwwww . . . FAST! Sloooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww . . ..

After the show, we went onstage, and got to meet the conductor and the musician that was playing the Bass. They were all very friendly! (No grumps allowed!) Anyways, I wish that they had one of these symphonies every month!

There was nothing to dislike about the orchestra. It was all perfect and everyone looked like they were having fun. I loved the performance and I can't wait until next year's!

Justine :p


  1. Hi Justine, thanks for sharing your insights into the symphony performance! I was able to hear it in Kelowna, too! Rosemary Thomson is a great conductor and I like the way she explained the parts of the instrument and that the bow is made of wood and horse hair. I loved 'Plink, Plank, Plunk' as it was so much fun to listen to and it demonstrated the 'pizzicato' technique so perfectly! It was great to see the young children playing with the orchestra. What did you think of the spoons in the Voyageur song?

    1. hi Ms.Marianne, thank you for replying! I thought the spoons in the Voyageur song sounded like rocks falling down a cliff then finally into the ocean.