Monday, 11 May 2015


Friday and Saturday I was away at a conference in Vancouver. Although I learned a great deal about a few key educational initiatives and am completely inspired, how I met six new friends, and how we, together, came to meet one sweet, 93 year old gentleman named Harold will stay with me forever. Initially, I attempted to share the story, here, but have since thrown away the words. The magic of happy accidents is difficult to replicate let alone emote. Instead, watch the video and/or ask me to tell you the story if you're interested. Either way, or regardless, I leave you with this: be neither too quick, nor too focused such that you walk on by the wonder that surrounds; fortunate happenstances, love and beautiful people are everywhere.


  1. Hi Will, How uplifting to see this 93 year old gentleman still going strong and someone who exemplifies kindness and delivers positive words towards others. Good karma! Looking forward to hearing the happy accident story that accompanies the encounter!

  2. Great story, Will. I have been to Harold's many times but I have never seen the man himself. I enjoyed the video.