Monday, 28 September 2015

In it Together

Nearing the end of September, the rhythms of school have, indeed, arrived. Actually, it's amazing how the slow days of summer seem so far away compared to the rush of things needing to get done! Rarely, does there ever seem enough time in the day.

Regardless, as I sit and reflect on not having a student come forward this week to write a learning post, I'm left wondering how our learners are doing. Are they feeling supported enough? Do they feel connected to their school, our teachers, one another? Are they comfortable and confident with publicly sharing a piece of their learning? Is there something we can do to help?

If you're a parent reading this, please remind your child that the weekly classroom learning posts are an opportunity for them to showcase their learning. It's also a representation of our community, a place to which students can point and say, "That' my school." If you're a student reading this, take a risk if you're comfortable! We'd love to hear from you and help you share. Together we learn, together we grow is one of our school mottos. You are our school. Your contributions matter and make us who we are. A community.

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Welcome Steve!

The past two weeks, I've gotten to know Steve Pozzobon a little better. For the past four years, our jobs rarely overlapped. I've been busy running our K-9 school while he has been busy teaching in our high school, running Portage and acting as our K-12 school counsellor. Already this past week, I must admit, I've learned a lot from Steve, and I'm excited about what the future holds for our students, our school and more personally, myself.

Directly, he has taught me the power of combining courage and humility. Indirectly, he reminds me of that which we ultimately seek for our children: 1) an ability to learn how to learn, and 2) an optimistic, life-long learner mindset. Two things that sometimes don't get spoken about enough as we go through the motions of becoming educated. 

Welcome to the wonder that is K-9 DL, Steve, and congrats for finishing first overall at the BC Provincial Rodeo Championships. I'm not surprised I had to learn about this from someone else, let alone it be a week after the event!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Living and Learning on the Road

I am doing 7th grade on an 11 month road trip with my family. We are going from the Yukon to Florida, with many stops in between. Our purpose of our trip is to avoid winter and go to warm places so we can do summer activities all year long.

We are traveling in a 25 foot truck camper and a 23 foot enclosed trailer. We are spending 5 months or so in Canada and then we will spend 6 months in the United States. During the 5 months that we are in Canada we are spending most of our time in British Colombia. We plan on doing lots of kayaking and some mountain biking. Then while we are in the U.S. we plan on doing lots of mountain biking and then we are also going to do lots of kayaking in California and some surfing. When we go to Florida we will go canoeing and swimming with manatees.

That is a sum up of what we are doing on our trip this year and if you would like to follow and know what we are doing you are welcome to come and check out our website at

Hunter Vincent, Grade Seven

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Get Involved!

For four straight years now, students and staff have been writing and sharing their learning experiences through our online classroom. Whenever I feel the isolation of DL, I visit this classroom and am filled with examples of our learning and memories. It confirms we are a school, that we share a common path and are connected . . . that we are a community.

Much like last year, here is a link to the classroom blog sign up sheet. On it you will find instructions on how you can contribute to our classroom by simply writing a few sentence then sharing a photo. Older students are encouraged to sign up immediately (click link above) and set the example. To our parents of primary students, thank you in advance for supporting and managing this activity for your child.

The importance of getting involved to help us maintain and nurture our learning community cannot be over stressed. Many hands make like work! We, together, are our school. Sign up and get involved today.