Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Get Involved!

For four straight years now, students and staff have been writing and sharing their learning experiences through our online classroom. Whenever I feel the isolation of DL, I visit this classroom and am filled with examples of our learning and memories. It confirms we are a school, that we share a common path and are connected . . . that we are a community.

Much like last year, here is a link to the classroom blog sign up sheet. On it you will find instructions on how you can contribute to our classroom by simply writing a few sentence then sharing a photo. Older students are encouraged to sign up immediately (click link above) and set the example. To our parents of primary students, thank you in advance for supporting and managing this activity for your child.

The importance of getting involved to help us maintain and nurture our learning community cannot be over stressed. Many hands make like work! We, together, are our school. Sign up and get involved today.


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