Monday, 14 September 2015

Living and Learning on the Road

I am doing 7th grade on an 11 month road trip with my family. We are going from the Yukon to Florida, with many stops in between. Our purpose of our trip is to avoid winter and go to warm places so we can do summer activities all year long.

We are traveling in a 25 foot truck camper and a 23 foot enclosed trailer. We are spending 5 months or so in Canada and then we will spend 6 months in the United States. During the 5 months that we are in Canada we are spending most of our time in British Colombia. We plan on doing lots of kayaking and some mountain biking. Then while we are in the U.S. we plan on doing lots of mountain biking and then we are also going to do lots of kayaking in California and some surfing. When we go to Florida we will go canoeing and swimming with manatees.

That is a sum up of what we are doing on our trip this year and if you would like to follow and know what we are doing you are welcome to come and check out our website at

Hunter Vincent, Grade Seven


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