Monday, 21 September 2015

Welcome Steve!

The past two weeks, I've gotten to know Steve Pozzobon a little better. For the past four years, our jobs rarely overlapped. I've been busy running our K-9 school while he has been busy teaching in our high school, running Portage and acting as our K-12 school counsellor. Already this past week, I must admit, I've learned a lot from Steve, and I'm excited about what the future holds for our students, our school and more personally, myself.

Directly, he has taught me the power of combining courage and humility. Indirectly, he reminds me of that which we ultimately seek for our children: 1) an ability to learn how to learn, and 2) an optimistic, life-long learner mindset. Two things that sometimes don't get spoken about enough as we go through the motions of becoming educated. 

Welcome to the wonder that is K-9 DL, Steve, and congrats for finishing first overall at the BC Provincial Rodeo Championships. I'm not surprised I had to learn about this from someone else, let alone it be a week after the event!


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