Monday, 5 October 2015

Experiences of a Cross-Enrolled Student

I created this poster in the first week of Band class. It was an assignment from my teacher, Ms. Ante.  It was meant to introduce my musical self to her and my classmates.  I used the PowerPoint program to make it.  She said that mine had a lot of originality.  I thought that my poster really demonstrated that I am very involved in fine arts!

I am cross-enrolled this year, grade 8, in both SOSS and YouLearn.  I am taking PE 8 and the Grade 8 elective rotation at SOSS.  The elective rotation is made up of 8 courses that are each about 4 weeks long, such as Band, InfoTech, Woodwork, HomeEc, and Art.  I am doing all of my academic courses through YouLearn.  I really like having PE at SOSS with Mr. Wilson, and it's really fun to be able to play my saxophone with the other Band students.  I find it odd to have to listen to the bells telling me what to do!  This is my 9th year at YouLearn; I started here in Kindergarten.  Since grade 4, I have done PE and Fine Arts at both TEN and OES.

I feel that being so involved has enriched my education, as has my wonderful education at home!

~ Kelan Harty


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