Monday, 11 January 2016

Learning Tales - Anna

Anna's and Thomas's blog can be found at Below is Anna's latest entry.

Hi! My name is Anna and I do level 6 gymnastics. Gymnastics is a sport where there are 4 events. Event number 1 is floor.  Floor is a layer of springy foam covered by thick blue carpet pieces held together by Velcro tape. On floor I have 2 tumbling passes. One of my tumbling passes is a roundoff - a roundoff is just a cartwheel landing with 2 feet. Connecting from my roundoff I have a backhandspring which is where I land out of my roundoff, jump back, land on my hands, fling out of that landing on my feet. The last skill in my first tumbling pass comes from the power out of my backhandspring and I rebound into the air and do a backflip! My second pass is simply running, jumping and doing a front flip. I also have a leap connection which is a sashay split leap (I leap in a split position), then land and jump into a split again but just straight up and down this time. Then I do a 1-½ turn (I spin on my toe for a complete 1-½ spin). The rest is dance. The dancing is a mix between tumbling/turning/leaping to create a routine which is all done to music and practiced and practiced and practiced until it is perfect! 

Event number 2 is beam. A beam is a 4” wide wooden strip balanced above the ground by metal poles that can move the beam up and down depending on the level of gymnastics that the gymnast is in. I don’t necessarily have a beam routine yet but I know all the skills that will be in it… I will have a back walkover, which is like a backhandspring with staggered feet and done slower to show the splits while upside down. I have another turn in this event but only a full turn. I also have a jump connection of split jump, tuck jump (tuck jump is jumping in the air and making a ball with arms out stretched in front of you), then I have a dismount. My dismount is a backflip off the end landing on a mat. 

Event number 3 is vault. A vault is thick and flat on the top with a downward hill on the front and it can be raised or lowered depending on the level of the gymnast vaulting. I don’t exactly know the height for my level so I’ll just continue with what I do with the vault. First there is a springboard in front of it which are 2 pieces of wood, one flat and the other slightly rounded upward.  Between the 2 pieces of wood are 5 springs. So for vault I will run down a long strip of carpet, jump on the springboard launching myself into the air while keeping a strait body I will land in a handstand on top of the vault then pushing with my shoulders and hands I will bounce off the vault landing on the mat on the other side and hopefully sticking (landing on 2 feet and not moving my feet at all) my landing!

Event number 4 is bars. Bars are a set of round wooden sticks about the same thickness of monkey bars except there are only 2 and they are staggered so that one is higher than the other and fairly far apart. For my routine I take a few steps and jump into a piked swing, at the end of the swing I bring my toes to the bar then swing back while pulling my hips to the bar (this is called a kip). I then lift my body above the bar (cast) and as I fall I lean back and swing around the bar keeping my hips to the bar in a full circle (back-hip circle).  Next I cast out of that and put my feet on the bar, fall back again and go around the bar while keeping my feet and hands on the bar and then I end up standing on top of the bar (this is called a sole circle). Next I jump to the high bar and do another kip. I cast out of that and swing down, about ¾ around the bar I then bring my hips to the bar (baby giant), then I cast and swing again this time at the top of my swing in the front (opposite side of the low bar) I let go and do a flat body back flip (called a flyaway), and hopefully stick my landing back on the ground. 

Well that’s my 4 events that I will be competing in Vancouver at the end of this month!
Meaning I have to practice, practice, practice! ☺ 

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  1. Hi Anna, Thank you for your detailed description of what events are included in gymnastics. I get a clear picture of the various aspects that make up this sport! I am in awe of the speed, precision and strength that is required to be a gymnast! Thanks for sharing and good luck in Vancouver!