Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

I can't recall being taught to handwrite, but I do know this: my penmanship is anything but art. For Jake Weidmann, however, handwriting and penmanship is his art, career and life. Jake is the youngest "Master Penman" in the Unites States and only one of twelve people in the world currently holding the title of "Master Penman". Over the break, I purposefully stepped back from technology and when I finally did return to it, a short (4:50) video documentary titled "Human" showcasing Jake and his work was one of the first videos I watched. In an age where so many things are moving digital, it's refreshing to see something as beautiful and simple as works of art created with pen and paper. Keep practicing your printing and handwriting, students! Better still, find the art inside what you do!


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