Monday, 25 April 2016

Going to Swan Haven

Last Monday, I went with my brother and my mom and some other home-schoolers to Swan Haven. Swan Haven is a Wildlife Viewing Area at Marsh Lake, 30 minutes outside of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

Swan Haven is where all the migrating birds that fly North stopover. The swans and ducks
come from the South, some as far as Mexico, where they stay during the Winter time. In Spring, the birds fly all the way to Alaska to nest and raise their chicks. Marsh Lake is shallow and it opens early from the ice, so it is easy for the birds to find food and rest before flying further.

At  Swan Haven, I and the other home schoolers first went out on the ice and watched the swans and the ducks with binoculars and scopes. Then we went inside and one of the home schoolers dressed up as a swan. After that we went out and played two games. Last we sang a funny song.

I had lots of fun and learned about swans and duck. It is important to save Swan Haven for the northern migrating birds.

~ Cheyenne


  1. Hi Cheyenne, Swan Haven sounds like an exciting nature spot to visit! Were you able to identify any specific types of birds and ducks? It is quite amazing that little birds can travel such far distances! Is an annual bird count done at Swan Haven? I wonder if the numbers change from year to year? Thanks for sharing your exciting adventure with us! Ms. Marianne