Monday, 17 October 2016

Covert Farms Tour

Enjoying Corn Tortillas at Covert Farms

On Thursday, October 13th, a group of eighteen YouLearners took a tour of Covert Farms in Oliver. We learned a lot about Covert Farms (size, water, diversity, staff, animals, etc) and about growing crops (planting, irrigating, pollination, harvesting, etc).  Although it was a little chilly, we avoided the rain, rode around on a truck, and felt a sense of community with our learners.

An interesting fact about Covert Farms is that it is on a plateau in the hills which means all water needs to be pumped up to the farm. As a result, they have a large reservoir which contains three days worth of irrigation water in case the pumps go down. They built a ski jump which has plastic discs that skiers can slide down on and land in the water during the summer months for practise. The Canadian Olympic Aerial Ski team trained at their facility last year.


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