Monday, 2 January 2017

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking
The second core competency of the Revised BC Curriculum is Creative Thinking.  This competency has three main components:
1. Novelty and Value
2. Generating Ideas
3. Developing Ideas
This competency has a 5-point scale which is described using "I" statements using the document found here.  The "I" statements are as simple as "I get ideas when I play" all the way to "I can persevere over years to develop my ideas".
In addition, the ministry is building a repository of examples that illustrate the levels of the creative thinking competency.  These illustrations are found on this page and can be viewed by clicking on the blue lettering.  Some are pictures and some are videos but serve as practical examples that demonstrate each level of the competency.
Once you have explored this competency, why not take some time with your child to make an assessment of where they might fall on the 5-point scale?  Most of you will find these embedded in your PLP.


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