Saturday, 4 February 2017

Mindset Makes the Difference

Which mindset do you possess?
A book that has a profound impact on our approach to learning and challenges is Mindset by Carol Dweck.  She contrasts the fixed mindset in which the learner believes their intellect and skills are finite as opposed to the growth mindset which believes that effort and persistence can cause us to exceed expectations.  One of the most important words in developing this mindset is "yet".  Instead of saying: "I can't do fractions!", say: "I can't do fractions YET, but I can try!"  She challenges parents and educators to foster this mindset by praising effort and tenacity, which are viewed as limitless, rather than intelligence and talent, which can be viewed as finite.  
I was sent a video of one of our Yukon students, Anna Gishler, who was competing in gymnastics in Las Vegas.  I am confident she had to have a growth mindset to learn all of her moves.  You can see one of her routines here.  My fixed mindset says I cannot do what Anna does; yet with time, practice, persistence, why not?!  
Have a growth mindset in everything you do and I am sure you will surprise yourself with all you can learn and accomplish.  


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