Saturday, 18 February 2017

SEL at YouLearn

YouLearn's Kozy Korner
Our school district has several initiatives in place.  One of the most far-reaching of these is "Social and Emotional Learning" (SEL for short).  I say far-reaching because it spans all schools and all grade levels including YouLearn.  To that end, YouLearn has created a space in our school where students who are struggling with their emotions can find space, time and some tools to help centre themselves.  This space is pictured above.  Some of the items for student use include:
- a mindful board which allows students to draw with water alone
- a small sand box with a small rake to create designs
- detailed colouring books with markers
- a chalk board filled with positive messages
- an electronic photo frame with peaceful scenes and positive messages
- a bubbling, gurgling water feature
- electric candles and plants
- access to an iPad filled with applications that are designed to calm and centre students
- comfortable chairs and headphones
- a CD player with several CD's of nature sounds and soothing music
It is our hope that students find our school to advance them academically as well as emotionally and socially.


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