Sunday, 23 April 2017

Too Early for Post-Secondary?

Recently, my children started migrating home for summer from their post-secondary institutions.  Three of my children are in post-secondary, two of my in-law children are studying and one child and one in-law have completed their post-secondary programs.  It got me thinking about post-secondary.  All of my kids are either in, or have completed, post-secondary programs.  I think there are some obvious reasons why this has happened.  
1.  My wife and I have always valued education and attended post-secondary ourselves
2.  We set up RESP's for them which instituted an expectation that they would go to college
3.  We made course choices in high school which led to post-secondary
I am sure there are many more reasons but I want to encourage all parents that the seeds of post-secondary are sown early.  The years fly by quickly!  Do your best to prepare your kids to have the option of post-secondary when the time comes.  


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