Sunday, 15 October 2017

Famous Canadian Inventor: Reginald Aubrey Fessenden

Each month I'd like to highlight a famous Canadian, specifically looking at how they overcame challenges and used Core Competencies to complete their work and enhance the world they lived in.

For October I've chosen Reginald Aubrey Fassenden. He invented the technique that allowed radios to work. Specifically he was able to attach sound waves to electrical modulations in order to send sounds across a distance.

You can read more about him at a Canadian appreciation site hereHere is a Canadian Heritage Minute about Mr. Fassenden.

You can watch some videos about how radio works here and here. Here is a very in depth video about how radio works.

So which Core Competencies did he use?

Communication: He was able to share his ideas with others at his workplace. He was also able to ask questions about the technologies that existed so that he could add his ideas to them (specifically morse code!)

Creative Thinking: Fassenden had to use the creative thinking skills he had to dream that you could send sound, music, and voice across electronic waves.

Critical Thinking: Fassenden then had to think about technology that would allow him to transmit sounds, and had to combine several different existing technologies and create some of his own!

Social Responsibility Although his end goal was to profit from his invention, he did create a new form of mass communication that would ultimately help the world.

Have a suggestion for a famous Canadian? Or can you think of other ways Fassenden used the Core Competencies to do his work? Comment below!


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