Monday, 16 October 2017

Global Read Aloud is here!

Hello friends!
As promised, we are participating in the Global Read Aloud this year. I will be reading "The Wild Robot" which you can listen to on this page. I'm going to keep updating with all the links to the chapters as we go!

In order to access the Google Drive folder you need to sign in with your address. If you need help resetting it, you can email your teacher or Sarah Moore.

The Wild Robot review

The Wild Robot Audio Files
Chapters 1-4 (Uploaded)
Chapters 5-8 (Uploaded)
Chapters 8-12 (Uploaded)
Chapters 13-17 (Uploaded)
Chapters 18-21 (Uploaded)
Chapters 22-25 (Uploaded)
Chapter 26 (Uploaded)
Chapter 27-28 (Uploaded)
Chapters 29-30 (Uploaded)
Chapters 31-35 (Uploaded)
Chapters 35-40 (Uploaded)
Chapters 40-44
Chapters 45-49
Chapters 50-54
Chapters 55-59
Chapters 60-64
Chapters 65-69
Chapters 70-74
Chapters 75-80


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