Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Dot & Augmented Reality

Have you heard of Augmented Reality? It's the real world, plus a little bit more.

In this picture you can see how Ikea has utilized Augmented Reality to show you how their furniture would look in your current space.

The big hit app of last summer was also an Augmented Reality. Pokemon Go allowed you to interact with the physical world by catching Pokemon, visiting gyms, and Pokestops. The catch was that you had to actually be moving through your location and exercising.

So how can you use Augmented Reality in your home?

We used it as a companion activity to our Read-Aloud- The Dot by Peter H Reynolds

Vashti is a little girl who is very sure she isn't good at Art. Her art teacher disagrees, and asks her to just try her best and sign her work. Vashti does it, hesitantly. The next day, after her artwork is displayed for the whole class to see, she decides she can do better than her first try. She tries over and over, getting better as she goes.

I encourage you to read it to your students (of all ages!)

After we read the book we created our own dots, and then using the Quiver app, we made our Dots come to life!


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